Change hostname instruction

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docker image passbolt/passbolt:3.5.0-pro, use docker-compose

Been running for a year or so, recently upgraded from 2.X and got a license, everything has worked great so far…

Then need to migrate to another machine and change the hostname:

Archived the volumes and backed up everything. Moved it to new machine - and I test it with the old hostname and it works.

Change APP_FULL_BASE_URL to new hostname and now it wants me to recover user accounts :frowning:

Change APP_FULL_BASE_URL to old hostname and everything still works fine.

What do I need to do so I can change the hostname without prompting users to recover their account?

Hi @jprice That’s great you went to a Pro license! Thank you for supporting the team with your business.

For both the CE and Pro editions, the user key registrations are linked to the URL. This means that a very notable change like a domain name move will require users to recover their account in order to register with the new domain. It also is required for a seemingly small change like http to https.

Though I understand this is probably not the answer you were hoping for, there have been many improvements on the recovery process in the latest versions in attempt to make this requirement as easy as possible.