Keycloak "Not Found" error

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Good morning, I’m trying to test Keycloak as described in this article but it is not working for some reason. Maybe I misconfigured something as there are two steps marked as “see in a next section” but they are not described later.

I followed the steps without problems until the section “Updating the Passbolt admin settings” where the first step is one of the mentioned as “see in a next section”.
I copied the Redirect URL field content and pasted it on my Keycloak instance, Passbolt realm> Clients> passbolt-client-id> Settings tab> Access settings> Valid redirect URIs.
Also, followed the steps until the client secret was shown as “see in a next section” again, where I pasted the secret shown in Passbolt realm> Clients> passbolt-client-id> Credentials tab> Client Secret.

Once all the fields of the form are filled, I click the save button and try the connection, but once the button to sign-in in openID is clicked, it shows a “Not found” error like this:

This is the form filled:

The client config in the Passbolt realm:

I checked the docker logs of Keycloak and nothing is shown, also checked Passbolt logs and didn’t find any error related. The healthcheck is also ok without errors.
I’m using Debian 10 and Apache+MariaDB on the Passbolt side.
What could be happening?

Hello @Termindiego25 !

As your Passbolt instance is not in debugging mode, it doesn’t show further details. You might need to see your server logs to grasp more details.

However, I think I know where it could come. The OpenId Configuration Path shouldn’t be an absolute URL (AFAIK) but rather a relative one.

So, I think, you probably need to put /.well-known/openid-configuration only in this field.

Hope it fixes your issue.

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That was the error. Changing the OpenId Configuration Path to /.well-known/openid-configuration solved the problem.
Thank you!

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