Step 2 Configuration Loads CentOS Welcome Page

Fresh install of CentOS 7 Minimal install on ESXI 6.7 Host.

Chose to not setup SSL and installations goes fine. When I browse to the page using local IP address I get CentOS welcome page instead of the passbolt page?

" Welcome to CentOS

The Community ENTerprise Operating System"

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[x ] I have read the tutorials, help and searched for similar issues
[x ] I provide relevant information about my server (component names and versions, etc.)
[ ] I provide a copy of my logs and healthcheck
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ebroot]# cat index.php

<?php /** * The Front Controller for handling every request * * CakePHP(tm) : Rapid Development Framework ( * Copyright (c) Cake Software Foundation, Inc. ( * * Licensed under The MIT License * For full copyright and license information, please see the LICENSE.txt * Redistributions of files must retain the above copyright notice. * * @copyright Copyright (c) Cake Software Foundation, Inc. ( * @link CakePHP(tm) Project * @since 0.2.9 * @license MIT License ( */ require dirname(__DIR__) . '/config/requirements.php'; // for built-in server if (php_sapi_name() === 'cli-server') { $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] = '/' . basename(__FILE__); $url = parse_url(urldecode($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])); $file = __DIR__ . $url['path']; if (strpos($url['path'], '..') === false && strpos($url['path'], '.') !== false && is_file($file)) { return false; } } require dirname(__DIR__) . '/vendor/autoload.php'; use App\Application; use Cake\Http\Server; // Bind your application to the server. $server = new Server(new Application(dirname(__DIR__) . '/config')); // Run the request/response through the application // and emit the response. $server->emit($server->run());

Looks like I was able to get there by adding /install at the end.

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