Login emails not sending

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Running Ubuntu 22 LTS, we’re having issues logging into our accounts. This happens on multiple browsers on multiple machines. Test emails do work.

This may be related, but a complete reinstall + migration is a bandaid for a root issue I think - we’ve done nothing except update the server. https://community.passbolt.com/t/system-emails-not-being-sent/7642

Would be great to have assistance to get to the root of the issue - there’ve been a few issues now related to updates which have blocked our access (previous being a browser addon update) and it’s a little unstable. Wondering if there’s anything we can do to mitigate this on CE. Thanks!

Hello @BinaryJared :wink:

So from what I can understand, SMTP was working fine before updating the server? Which version were you on before it stopped working?
Also, which SMTP provider are you using?
Have you check our dedicated documentation?

Hiya, yep all was working well!

Unfortunately I’d updated without making any notes (my mistake), but it was a version prior to that browser extension.

It was using Google SMTP and may not have been working fully for a month or so due to no new devices - no other changes were made to the instance other than a standard apt update and apt upgrade. The machine is dedicated to Passbolt, so there shouldn’t be any conflicting pacakges etc.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Fixed this by not using the Google Relay anymore and instead applying it directly to a Google mail account - bit of a bandaid and not sure why it stopped working in the first place