LDAP AD: can't re-add users


we have recently install Passbolt Pro and configure LDAP.
It has been set with an Active Directory and sync Users member of specific AD group. It work.
However, when we delete a user synced from into Passbolt dasboard, and try to sync again, we cannot re-add users previously deleted:



How can we proceed to re-add them ?


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Hi @leto,

This is the normal behavior, as it is needed to avoid having a background job that re-add users that were previously deleted. In order to add it back to passbolt you need to do that from the passbolt UI, or delete it in Ldap and create it again in Ldap.

Feel free to contact us at support@passbolt.com if you have suggestions / what to discuss this issue further.

OK, thanks for your reply.

Have a nice day.

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