OpenPGP Key Not Writable

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Hi guys I had Passbolt running on Debian 12 via Hyper-V due to network outage the IP has changed i managed to get Passbolt back up to the new ip by deleting passbolt.php and running dpgk reconfigure only issue is now I am facing the below screen

Hello @CryptoTrapper ,
This looks like a permission issues.

Can you try to run:

sudo chown www-data:www-data /etc/passbolt/gpg
sudo chmod 775 $(find /etc/passbolt/gpg -type d)

Hi Antony,

Also is there a way to export the mariadb and so it can be used on a new server or is there a way to export all passwords from db to csv or plaintext.

Hi Antony,

Hope you are well,
Tried the mentioned commands no difference.

root@…:~# sudo chown www-data:www-data /etc/passbolt/gpg
root@…:~# sudo chmod 775 $(find /etc/passbolt/gpg -type d)
root@…:~# cd /etc/passbolt/gpg
root@…:/etc/passbolt/gpg# dir
serverkey.asc serverkey_private.asc

Yes, it is possible to do both.
You can dump your passwords to a csv or other format from the website.
Also, you can run the mysqldump equivalent for mariadb and dump all the database and restore it on another server if you have the server gpg keys

Have you checked your server.asc and server_private.asc files are on /etc/passbolt/gpg folder? Maybe they are on a different location


The server.asc & serverkey_private.asc both contain the GPG blocks if i export them and also export the db can I restore on another server.

Anychance you know the commands to export the mariadb db?

You may find this post helpful:

I manage to resolve the initial issue by running the below command:

Navigate to the directory where the files are located

cd /path/to/directory

Change permissions for serverkey.asc

sudo chmod 666 serverkey.asc

Change permissions for serverkey_private.asc

sudo chmod 666 serverkey_private.asc

After that I just had to copy the contents of serverkey_private.asc to paste it on the config web page once done user’s performed recovery and everything is perfect.