MYSQL Systemctl Process fails when adding user to group

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I set up passbolt on a digitalOcean Droplet (with the official image from passbolt) and started to adding my team. Today I imported our password library (~2k passwords) and then added this folder to the group, which contains all users and all passwords.

Since then, when i try to add a new user to the group, it goes trough the process, but fails in the end. This fails then crashes the mysql systemctl process and i need to manually restart it. i cannot find anything specific in the logs and the ngnix is not failing, just the database.

I tried it with several new users, but it fails everytime. What can this be?

Hey @TheDanMain welcome to the forum!

Could you add that healthcheck output?

Hi Clayton,

Thank you for your reply and here is the health check:

Thanks, nothing too surprising there.

Could you run the status report and post the output? You can skip the repeat of the healthcheck that this will have and just post the new info
sudo su -s /bin/bash -c "/usr/share/php/passbolt/bin/status-report" www-data

Based on what you mentioned originally it seems like you might have a lot of users and passwords so it will be a fairly large transaction you are trying to do with the sharing

@clayton thanks, i figured it out. The problem was, that my vm had too little ram to process this quite huge request.
Now i have it on 4GB Ram and it works. Before i had only 2 and the process maxed-out the full ram available.