Loop in otp key on broken phone

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I have passbolt running on an AWS instance, I am an administrator and I have OTP configured, the problem is that my phone has broken and I do not have access to the OTP key it generates. I’m looking at how to reset but I can’t find a way. I have the passbolt key and access to the AWS instance, please can someone tell me how I can take control again. Thank you!

First make a backup of the database

Then, the best way will be to connect to database

Once connected get your user’s UUID
SELECT id FROM users WHERE username='YOU@EMAIL.COM';

Once done you can delete your MFA from the database:

 DELETE FROM account_settings WHERE property='mfa' AND user_id='UUID_FROM_PREVIOUS_QUERY';

Let us know

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Thank you very much for the help, I summarize the process I followed to be able to deactivate mfa through the bbbd:
-First get my database credentials
-Enter the database (Mariadb)
-Show tables to see the id, get the uid
-Enter the query that Max gave me.

Thanks again!

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