Error during checkout of "Passbolt Cloud Business (monthly)"

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After trial, we’ve decided to purchase Passbolt for our company.
Unfortunately, there is an error in Checkout when validating the VAT number. This error terminates the payment process.

Here are two screenshots from passbolt website ( showing the Checkout failure.

First, I fill in all the payment details, such as the credit card number. Verification of the payment using SMS and e-pin is successful.
After the successful payment verification, a message “Billing country needed to validate the VAT number.” appears.

This is unexpected, as you can see that “Czechia” is selected below the dialog, and the VAT number is valid.

I can see three “unprocessed transactions” on my bank account from my three attempts to pay for passbolt :sweat:

How can I solve the issue?

Hi @karelklic I’m really sorry you are having trouble with this - can you please write to because they will want to help you with the pro subscription specifically and will be able to help.

Hello @garrett,

thank you for the suggestion. I contacted

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Passbolt support provided a workaround for me.