This installation is not up to date it should be v2.8.2

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I have a issue when i run command – git pull origin master
I modified that file way ago …

What Should i do now ?

Do I restore it from backup . i have default copy of it i took a backup before modified …

What I did, I just restore default.php from backup the run upgrade command – git pull origin master.
its update without error …
and now i run the helthcheck command its says its not updated …

Any Ideas ?
OK I found this. I ran a command nano config/version.php
Is that Bug !!! ?

Yes it’s a bug, you can ignore the version number warning for now. We’ll get it fix.

Concerning your changes in default.php you shouldn’t do that unless you are willing to maintain these changes. Instead you should redefine the variables in a passbolt.php (or using environment variables).

I tried those changes in passbolt.php but did not succeeded so I edited directly in default.php

Before update
“SSl peer certificate” & “Hostname doesn’t match” these two option pass the healthcheckup … but after update its fail …
Any Ideas ?

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