Install Passbolt without SSL enabled with helm

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In my kubernetes cluster, I’m using traefik as an ingress and it support letsencrypt.
So in my passbolt installation I want to ssl offloading and use my traefik ingress but the pods won’t start because there is no tls secret :

How can I do ssl offloading ?

Pods that fail to initiate:

Unable to attach or mount volumes: unmounted volumes=[test-passbolt-depl-srv-sec-tls], unattached volumes=[], failed to process volumes=[]: timed out waiting for the condition

values. yaml :

  enabled: true
  annotations: web, websecure traefik-ingress@kubernetescrd letsencrypt
    - host: passbolt.test.local
        - path: /
          pathType: ImplementationSpecific
  # -- Configure passbolt ingress tls
    # If secretname is not empty, the tls entry will use it, otherwise will
    # have a default name based on the release
    # @ignored
    - secretName: "tls"
        - passbolt.local

Solution : feat: expose the HTTP port in the service by Kuruyia · Pull Request #62 · passbolt/charts-passbolt · GitHub