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since today i can’t use Passbolt anymore with my Administrator Account.
I can login, but i see a white page. If i ckick on the Passbolt Icon in Firefox, i got this message: navigator.locks is undefined

I reinstalled Firefox, the Passbolt Addin and nothing changed. I have this Problem on 2 Computer.

Other Users can login to passbolt.

What can i do?

Login via IOS App is possible and i see the passwords. But with the Browser it is not possible anymore.

Hi @Holla_Die_Waldfee

Sorry you are having this issue.

Please share how you installed Passbolt. i.e. Docker, Source, etc.

Also, can you please post the results of your Health-Check…that will help show what is going on with your server.

I’m also having this issue just for some users using Firefox 91.12.0esr on Debian 10. I installed passbolt on a seperate Debian 11 VM and I can use it in Firefox Dev Edition 107.0b9

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I would say your browser is too old.

You can see here browsers compatible with this property: Navigator: locks property - Web APIs | MDN

@map7 according to the link I put above, you need at least Firefox 96 to use this property.

Firefox 52 and Firefox 52 ESR were released on March 7, 2017 it is definitively too old. Latest ESR versions are 102 and 115 versions.

Here is how to update: Firefox - Debian Wiki

Debian 10 is endoflife since 10 months: Debian |

You should strongly consider to upgrade Debian version too.