Post login in passbolt we are not able to see data in portal

Hi Team,

we need your help for my passbolt issue, As when i login in to my passbolt account post login i am getting blank page instead of data.
We are using passbolt from last 2 year and never face any issue with the passbolt but suddenly we are facing issue in passbolt, Please help.
Please find the error snap shot for your reference.
Yogesh Vyas

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I have the same problem but I found that it’s working in firefox.


v4 Chrome breaks old passbolt versions. v4 in Firefox hasn’t rolled out yet.

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Hey @Yogesh and @godevbot ,

Did you solve your issue?

On my side, I did solve my issue. The link from @garrett clearly documents that the browser extension version 4 does not work with old passbolt server versions. I started by testing the old extension (3.x) to regain functionality then I did the server upgrade.

One thing that I wanted was a documented “migration path” and a “browser extension vs server” compatibility matrix. Also I did not know how to find the current api version for my installation.

During the migration, I found that the v4 browser extension started to work around passbolt 3.3, prior to that I was getting “cannot find schema for resource”

Another thing that could help others: when migrating from 2.12 to 3.0 I had to use the “passbolt database cleanup” to fix some missing attributes. But all went well.

Thank you very much for the support !



Still issue is not resolved.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, and @garrett for the support.

We’ll investigate the support of the API from v3.0.0, only v2 should have been deprecated.

:pray: We’ll check the documentation and complete it accordingly.

@Yogesh can you tell us more about your situation?

  • What version of the API are you running?
  • What is your environment?
  • Are you able to update the API?

@Yogesh I’ve just spin a docker with the API in v3.0.0 and a browser extension in v4.0.1 and it works as expected.
can you answer the questions of @cedric to better help you get access back to your passwords?

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Hi Max,

My Passbolt issue was resolved post use 3.0 Passbolt extension.


Please plan an upgrade of your server to benefit from the many added features, UI improvements, and, most importantly, the security patches.

Is there anything preventing you from upgrading your server?

Hi Max,

Can u please share me steps or link for upgrading my server.

Please help.

First can you share the type of installation that you have?
Docker? Ubuntu? Centos?
There are a lot of documentation on this page: Passbolt Help | Upgrade
I would recommend to migrate to a new server because most likelly you installed your server from source.

(please do not forget to backup prior to any action on your passbolt server :slight_smile: )

Hi Max,

Right now we are on the Ubuntu 20 ver and thanks for your quick response.

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