Firefox/Chrome Plugin v3.0.0 problems with users

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I’ve realized that Passbolt Extension has just been upgraded to 3.0.0. After that, I can’t manage any user at users section. Also, I can’t share any password with any user or group.

Checking my logs, I don’t see any errors.

My current server version is 2.9.0.

Is there any compatibility issue, so I have to upgrade to the latest version?

Thanks in advance!!

Can you check the solution proposed here:

I have checked the solution but I think that is not the same problem, because I didn’t delete any user or group via MySQL. Checking my browser console I can see:

@jpmdwx the Avatar user_id error is fixed with v3.0.1. Make sure you update your browser extension.

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@remy Thanks a lot! I’ve updated my extension and now it works fine :smiley:

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Thanks for letting us know!