Cant share password with users on chrome (API v2.2/v2.3)


On chrome, we seem to have an issue where we cannot share passwords with any users. The option for sharing the password is available just when selected the text box that you would usually enter the user’s name does not appear. This has only begun since version 2.13.1 After May 29th.

The sharing option works as expected on firefox, but this is not an option for all our users.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @DanEspatial,

Sorry to read you are experiencing issue.

Can you confirm me the version of the API ? You can get it by pointing your mouse on the :heart: in the footer of the application.

I have the same problem. Version 2.2.0 / 2.13.3 (Chrome - 83.0.4103.97). Errors -

Hello @Alcorn,

Can you update your passbolt server version, v2.2 is around two year old (August 13th, 2018), so there might be some backward compatibility issues.

Hi I can confirm we were on 2.3.0, updating to v2.12.1 fixed all our problems. Hope this helps, and thank you for yours.

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