Passbolt installation issues

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I have logged an issue on Centos 7 where the installation gets stuck on step 7.
I have since installed a new Centos 7 minimal install and recorded all of the output.

There are a few issues.

  1. WARNING: channel “” has updated its protocols, use “pecl channel-update” to update
  2. ./ line 926: certbot: command not found
    WARNING: Unable to setup SSL using lets encrypt. Please check the install.log
  3. grep: /var/spool/cron//*: No such file or directory
  4. libsemanage.dbase_llist_query: could not query record value (No such file or directory).

Collectively these errors make step 7 just spin around as I have now followed word for word the installation instructions and there are a few issues. I will try and work through these. I reckon the next step is to do the same with the source installation which I have also had problems with.

How can I attache a text file with the output from my installation for you?

I have pasted my complete output of the last installation with the errors here:

This post is an ongoing issue of my initial post here:

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