Privacy error "Your connection is not private" (internal network access is being misrouted)

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When i open my page outside my network i get access to my passbolt account and webpage. when im inside the same network i get this error. i use huawei b628 router and made all the port fowarding.
woul love if someone could help me with this error. i reinstalled passbolt many times and always get this error.

hey @mihhail.ivanov1 welcome to the forum!

This is likely an issue with your certificate. Are you using a 3rd party certificate, lets encrypt, or a self signed one?

Also is this a wildcard cert?

Im using letsencrypt synology cert. If i delete cert and make new one will it help? After the provcess i have to reinsta passbolt?

To replace a cert you shouldn’t need to reinstall passbolt, just make sure it is pointing to the new one.

When you view the cert in the browser what does it say?

outside network is all good. inside network shows not secure. certificate is not valid.

Sorry for not being more clear, on chrome you can click on the "not secure " by the URL and then the “Certificate is not valid” option to see more details about your certificate. I’ve attached a screenshot to give you an idea.


Could you post the output of that?

i get this error with certificate

Seems ok for me - is your local DNS pointing to a different ip or something?

Yes in local network it shows my router loginpage and shows outside ip address

This is an issue with DNS resolution of your passbolt domain instance. From whatever machine you are using to access internally in your network, it is being directed to the wrong ip address.

For me, coming from outside of your network, I am provided your public ip address. But for inside the network, you will most likely want to use the local ip address. If you are on the same machine as the passbolt installation, linux has /etc/hosts file which can include:

If your passbolt machine has ip address of then from a machine in the same subnet of you need to either add to the client machine’s hosts file or add to the local DNS resolver so it can find the passbolt machine.

If all of the devices inthe network use the router for DNS resolution, add the passbolt domain into the router DNS list with it’s machine ip address.

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im using synology with docker…

For synology questions, seems to be an active forum.

This message is displayed by your browser to indicate that the connection is not secure. The “Your connection is not private” error is commonly triggered by an inaccurate date and time setting on your computer. Chrome verifies the synchronization of your computer’s clock with a Google server farm, and if there is a mismatch, it will block the connection to HTTPS sites as a security precaution.

To fix your issue, set your computer’s clock to the correct current time.

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Choose Date & Time
  • Navigate to the Date & Time tab
  • Change the current time to the correct time (accurate to the nearest minute will do).

If the issue is not related to your computer, it is likely a security feature of Chrome. Chrome has the ability to detect potentially harmful activity on websites, such as malware-infected advertisements or unauthorized access by hackers. In order to safeguard your security and protect you from potential risks, Chrome automatically displays a warning. If you still wish to proceed despite the warning, you can click on “Advanced” and then select “Continue to site.”