Debian package installation error

Dear forum,

i was trying to use the passbolt debian package. I was using a Hetzner Cloud Server with Debian 10.

I followeg 100 % the installation guide for debian and got the following error:

/var/lib/dpkg/info/passbolt-ce-server.postinst: Zeile 155: mysql: Kommando nicht gefunden.
dpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten des Paketes passbolt-ce-server (--configure):
 »installiertes passbolt-ce-server-Skript des Paketes post-installation«-Unterprozess gab den Fehlerwert 127 zurück

has anyone a suggestion what goes wrong?

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Hi @roonix looks like mysql is not installed. Are you installing mysql also on the server?

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Hey diego,
documentation says:
By default, passbolt debian package will install Passbolt server component, mariadb-server, php-fpm and nginx as dependencies.

So i havent installed it manually, but i will test. I’ll be back on you in 10 minutes.

Oke, manually install mariadb-server fixed the problem. sot heres a wrong documentation or a bug in the debian package

Hi @roonix,

Glad to see you have solved it! As you correctly pointed out, installing mysql manually should not be required.

I’ll dig on the issue see if I can reproduce!

Thanks for your report!

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