Bad checksum Aborting - Rocky Linux Installation

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My Server information:

O.S = Rocky Linux 9.2 (Blue Onyx) 64 bits
Web Server = nginx
Database = MariaDB 10.6.12
PHP = PHP 8.2.10
Passbolt = Last version

Steps to reproduce this issue:
What steps did you take?
1.- Download
2.- wget “
3.- sha512sum -c passbolt-ce-SHA512SUM.txt && sudo bash ./ || echo “Bad checksum. Aborting” && rm -f

– What happened?
Log: La suma coincide
Error al cargar el complemento “config_manager”: ‘*prog’
advertencia:Signature not supported. Hash algorithm SHA1 not available.
error: rpmdbNextIterator: omitiendo h# 1258
EncabezadoV3 RSA/SHA1 Signature, ID de clave bdda8475: BAD
EncabezadoSHA256 digest: OK
EncabezadoSHA1 digest: OK
PHP is already installed, you must execute this script on a vanilla server
Bad checksum. Aborting

– What did you expect instead?
The script create a new repository to able install passbolt-ce-server

OK, this is related with this:

To solve this, edit this file:

sudo nano

add LANG=C.UTF-8 before dnf like this:

LANG=C.UTF-8 dnf

This no solve the issue at all.

Another option is edit

sudo nano

Change values




After make this changes I get this messages:

sudo sha512sum -c passbolt-ce-SHA512SUM.txt && sudo bash ./ || echo “Bad checksum. Aborting” La suma no coincide
sha512sum: ATENCIÓN: 1 suma calculada NO coincidió
Bad checksum. Aborting

The repository is not created…

Hi :wave:

Welcome to the community.

I am hoping this link might help you.

Step 1. Download our dependencies installation script:

wget ""

Step 2. Download our SHA512SUM for the installation script:


Step 3. Ensure that the script is valid and execute it:

sha512sum -c passbolt-ce-SHA512SUM.txt && sudo bash ./  || echo \"Bad checksum. Aborting\" && rm -f

Hi :wave:,

I don’t think this is passbolt related. It is another issue on your setup.

This is your issue. The setup script stops if a PHP installation is found. This script is intended to be executed on a vanilla server.

Bad checksum is not the issue.


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Hi, what version of PHP is required to Passbolt? I have installed PHP 8.2.10


Passbolt works with PHP from 7.4 to 8.2.

But the installation script handle PHP setup. That’s why the script stops if PHP is already installed.