How to auto renew Let's Encrypt? [port 80 was not open]

I’ve been running Passbolt on Ubuntu 22.04 on Azure for over a month and it’s working great! Today I got the notice from Let’s Encrypt that my cert will expire in 19 days. I’m a Linux newbie and new to Passbolt so could use some help renewing this cert. Can someone send me a link to the relevant docs or if there is a script I can run to autorenew?

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Hi @cwhitmore Do you recall the process how you first established the let’s encrypt cert? Did you use passbolt package steps? or with certbot? Is your instance publicly accessible?

Thanks for responding @garrett. I did use the passbolt steps to install passbolt and Let’s Encrypt.

@cwhitmore It’s possible that it’s been attempting to renew, but there is something causing it to fail - it should be automatic on publicly accessible sites. Is port 80 open? I believe that is a requirement.

Ah, that’s what it was. Port 80 is not open to public. So, if I setup Passbolt using steps then cert should try updating again or do I need to do something to manually make it happen?

It should be already running on a CRON job once a day to check for the expiration - I believe it will be automatic overnight but check tomorrow.

I don’t actually run it via the passbolt config but check for /etc/cron.d/certbot and you could manually run the command listed in that job as root user to force a check instead of waiting.

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Yup, it’s in there. Thanks for your help @garrett