Multiple Domains for one pb-instance

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On-Premise - Docker - PB v3.6

Hi, I’d like to know if it’s possible to have Passbolt Pro available under multiple (2) domains.
Our scenario is that we have two “sister”-companies sharing infrastructure and for “feelgood” reasons I was wandering if it’s possible to have employees from company 1 accessing the passbolt instance via i.e. passbolt.company1.tld and colleagues from company 2 accessing the same instance via passbolt.company2.tld

That way they could all access passbolt via “their” common domains.
That’s nothing crucial, I was just wondering if that’s possible.


Currently it’s not possible out of the box, as the instance get to know the domain url from the configuration file. This domain url is needed for example to create urls when there is no request context (for example a link in command line / cron job). There could be ways to do it (take URL from request instead of config) but it would require some customization and may break some other things :slight_smile: .


Hi @remy,
thanks for the info!
I think we’ll go with a url-redirect from company1.tld/company2.tld to generic.tld
That won’t brake anything and people can still use “their” Domain :wink: