How can I setup passbolt (read-only clone) on a second domain? [No longer reproducible]


I wonder if it is possible to setup a clone of Passbolt instance on second domain?
I started doing a disaster recovery clone. The instance is automatically setup from backup, but I cannot login as the domain verification fails.

If its not possible, then is it planned to support multiple domains?


There was a javascript error on account recovery page (the error was related to the domainValidation.js or something like that). On next retry on new browser profile it was not reproducible anymore.


@KrzysiekW at the moment you will need to perform an account recovery to link and switch the extension config to the second domain. See. As a user I can configure passbolt browser extension to work with multiple passbolt instances

I did already. I think that the issue is on server side. I performed account recovery on a different browser with fresh plugin installed.

During the recovery there is a javascript error in the console, something related to domain validation.

@KrzysiekW what is the error?

Hmm… strange. I just created an another browser profile and the javascript error was no longer reproducible.

I logged in and I see all of the passwords and users on the cloned read-only instance. Nice.

Thanks for your time!