Some newbie questions and issues

It’s my first message here, despite some searches, I didn’t find the answers I’m looking for.

  1. I use Firefox Sync which synchronize my Firefox add-ons, passbolt included. Problem is if I setup the Passbolt add-on on one of my Firefox instances, once synced, the setup is broken on the other instances. I’m not surprised by this result, but I would like to know what’s the way to achieve a multi Firefox instances setup?

  2. I thought initially that the Passbolt add-on would be able to fill-in credentials in web forms. But that doesn’t seem to work. Any guidance or help would be great.


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Hello @romu,

  1. Firefox local storage sync is not enabled for the web extension would otherwise send the encrypted private key over the network, which is not something we want to have by default for security reasons (it also trigger some limitation in terms of storage size, which we do not want to deal with). It is possible to setup passbolt on another firefox client by exporting your private key from the first instance (go to your profile, keys and download the private key, or use your backup), then using the second machine go to enter your email, follow the link and import your private key.

  2. This feature is not available at the moment but this is something we are working on at the moment See. As a user the passbolt extension can auto-fill / auto-save my passwords in forms

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