Multiple passbolt instance in 1 serveur

Hi there,

I work for a company group and we need a different passbolt for each company. My question is:
Is it possible to install multiple instance of passbolt in the same server ?

If yes, how can we do that ?

Thank in advance !

Hi @gpersol :wave: and welcome to passbolt community forum :hugs:

The easiest way to do that in my opinion is to use docker. Multiple docker containers for every passbolt instance and a reverse-proxy like nginx-proxy or Traefik in front of them to redirect requests to the required container.

An other way is to install passbolt from sources and configure one nginx virtualhost, one php-fpm dedicated user and one dedicated gnupg folder for each passbolt instance. You should define chroots too. It will be a knightmare to maintain and it is definitively not recommended.

You can also use LXC containers. One LXC container per instance installed with our package. It can be a good alternative if you are not familiar with docker. You will have to put a reverse proxy in front of this to redirect traffic.

Finally, you can install Proxmox and use virtual machines :slight_smile: One per instance. Proxmox can manage LXC containers too.

There is many ways to achieve that, it is up to you to choose the one you are more confortable with.


Thank you very much. Im not familiar with docker but it’s a new challenge to take :slight_smile:

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