Docker Stuck Loading After Install with nginx proxy

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Install Details:
Host OS: CentOS 7
Installed passbolt and mariadb using Docker containers (most recent mariadb and passbolt containers). The passbolt container has the following port mappings (host -> container) 4443 -> 443 and 8080 -> 80. Nginx reverse proxy (external to host) 443 -> 8080

I can successfully register a new user and the plugin works but the site itself is stuck loading after logging in. There is also the following error in the console for the browser:

Steps taken to troubleshoot:
Rebuild of passbolt using docker (cleaned database)
Tried to modified passbolt.php config but this ends up causing 502 errors (plus I think docker handles the config through environment variables)

Steps to reproduce:
Install passbolt using docker with a Nginx reverse proxy as identified above

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jrowan, I’m guessing your Nginx reverse proxy has Content Security Policies in place for all traffic, or for your server specifically. It is blocking the loading of many items because of this. I would look there.

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Thanks, that was it!

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