Hashsum Mismatch

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After running this command ```
sudo ./passbolt_ce_debian_installer.sh

configure mariadb server
Configured Hostname
configure ssl - none
having this error… ( tried on freshly install debian core 2 times)

Get:7 to Get:31 file mismatch

Hi, if you run apt-get clean and then apt-get update and rerun the scripts you still experience the same problem?

yes … :frowning:

Have you tried to install any packages on the system without using passbolt install scripts. It sounds to me that this is not a problem of the install scripts themselves.

I installed htop, gnome desktop without problem …
then i directly connect that system to router . and voila … didn’t get any error in passbolt script …
I think my firewall block something …

Thanks … it works …

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