Passbolt installation showing is a demo

Hi I just installed Passbolt with Docker on my server.
I used the default docker-compose.yml file but it shows its a demos installation.
Is there any way to get it done in a production environment and don’t show this advice?

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Hi @csbertran which version are you using?

I’m using passbolt/passbolt:2.13.5-debian

@csbertran did you set PASSBOLT_REGISTRATION_PUBLIC to true in your environment variables?

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Hmm yes Its set to true.
But I would like the users to register by themself. Is it a possible option without the “demo environment”?

Thanks Remy!

Is it a possible option without the “demo environment”?

@csbertran not at the moment, but it will be in the next version (coming in a few weeks).

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