Http redirect and network call failed for mobile app

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When i got to set up the mobile app i keep getting http redirect and in the logs its also has network call failed. passbolt work perfectly fine on a web browser.

I have a cert from let encrypt, i am also using a cloudflare tunnel. i have tried installing the profile on my phone, but that was unsuccessful

any suggestions on where to start to get it working.

Hi @Greenbean49 Welcome to the forum!

Please provide the logs you are referring to, and device details including OS version.

@garrett here are the logs. I am able to access my Passbolt outside of my home network just fine.

Thank you for the logs. So if you turn off wifi on your device it works ok via mobile?

I am making the assumption you have passbolt running on a machine in your home network yes? If so, then can you explain your home network more? What are you using for routing and DNS resolution?

Are you following a guide somewhere that is recommending this setup?

Can you also clarify this thanks.

@garrett Yes it is on a home server. I can access from outside my home network but it come to the enter email and accept terms.

For dns I’m using cloud flare and cloud flare tunnel.

I was meaning DNS for local resolution within the network.

Im just using my ISP gateway. Unfortunately, they don’t let you change your DNS settings. I think I have found a workaround, though. for now, I have moved Passbolt to a cloud service.

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