Firefox Browser Extension 4.3.0 (or 4.3.1) not available in store

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At the moment,
latest available extension version on mozilla store is 4.2.0

Chrome store shows 4.3.1

Strangely the tag is available : Release v4.3.1 · passbolt/passbolt_browser_extension · GitHub

shows a firefox zip package

That’s unusual, is there any issue with this version in firefox ?
(I’m currently testing the 4.3.0 features and am eager to validate them on firefox too :slight_smile: )

We submit these at pretty much the same time to all 3 of the stores, but each one will review it at their own pace so often times it will first be available on one browser and can take a few days/a week to make it through the process on the others

Hello @squaloo,

When we release a new version it goes through a publishing phase that depends on the firefox store itself for example, usually chrome is way faster in order to approve our releases.

Thank you for the (very fast) answer !

I am happy to tell you that v4.3.1 has been published to the firefox store! Enjoy :wink: