Installation LDAP || /var/www/passbolt Directory doees not exist

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Hi there, ⁣:slight_smile:
I have a problem with my installation.
I installed Passbolt on an Ubuntu 20.04 with the desire to configure the LDAP.
On the documentation, it is written that it is necessary to execute commands in this directory:


But for me, this directory does not exist.
I tried a full reinstallation, thinking it was an installation issue, but I still have this issue.
Do you have any idea where it could come from?
Thanks for your Help :slight_smile:
Ubuntu 20.04
2 core processors.

Hello @Kira1N, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems that you followed this documentation
Indeed, when “/var/www/passbolt” is mentionned it is related to the from source installation.

Installing Passbolt with package will be saved in /usr/share/php/passbolt for the source code and /etc/passbolt/ is formerly /var/www/passbolt/config

LDAP is a Passbolt Pro feature, do you have a Passbolt Pro subscription?
If so, please contact us at

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your quick reply,
and no, I don’t have Passbolt Pro.
Do I need Passbolt pro to use LDAP?

Yes, LDAP is a Passbolt Pro feature, you can have a look at our pricing page which contain a comparison of all our features.

If you plan to use Passbolt within your company and if you are interested you can proceed to request a free trial

Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, thanks you very much.
I had another question.
The data base works with Mysql Db right ?
Can you tell me where the database containing the user information is located and if it is possible to retrieve it via a RestAPI or with a node JS script ?
This would allow me to recover information while waiting to consider taking the Passbolt Pro version.
Thank you.

This thread has posts with links for investigating API libraries How to complete initial API auth steps using Postman?

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