How to complete initial API auth steps using Postman?

Hi. I’ve a self-hosted Passbolt installation. Now, I’m trying to use the API manually (using Postman). The first thing I do it’s:

GET {{BaseUrl}}/auth/verify.json

And I get a fingerprint and a keydate (public key block) as a response. Then, I save this public key block as publickey.pem and try to use it to encrypt a random text saved in random-string.txt using this command:

# openssl rsautl -encrypt -inkey publickey.pem -pubin -in random-string.txt -out random-string-encrypted.txt
unable to load Public Key

Like it’s possible to see, I get an error. Could you help me, please? Thanks.

@kevin maybe we could post that Google doc I was working on as a reference - I recall I used Postman for the steps. I could clean it up a bit for direct use if it may not still be headed for the blog. I would just need access to it again.

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@garrett Is that this one: Content for API Blog Article “Using Postman to get Familiar with Passbolt API” - Google Docs ?

@idsev89 you can also find example of authentication code in other projects such as:


@remy thanks that’s the one. I cleaned it up a bit and hope it helps. @idsev89 it is a walk through using Postman.


Thank you very much. I’ll check the doc and the links and I’ll try to run it. I’ll be back to say how it was. Thanks @garrett and @remy.

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Hi @garrett and @remy. I could use the API using your guide. It was very useful. Probably it would be very interesting to publish it on official documentation. Thank you very much.