Problem after restoring Passbolt Server on a different machine [unable to reproduce]

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Using the AWS AMI, Latest version.

We are testing the use case where we need to restore a backup of our Passbolt Community Server on a new machine. The backup and restore operations have been executed by following the package backup documentation.

Everything works fine until we try to login to the new server, using the extension in Chrome, Brave or Edge.
At this moment, the extension’s UI seems to be locked up and there is nothing we can do, not even click on the “Install Extension” button.

The only way that we found to resolve this issue is to uninstall and reinstall the browser extension. After that, everything works fine and we can restore our accounts using our GPG keys and Passphrases.

Is that expected behavior? Why does the extension locks on a new restored server?

Thank you

Hi @kavengagne Welcome to the forum!

This is unexpected for sure - normally reinstalling the extension would not be needed. It would be very helpful if logs had any clues.

In the restored server are you finding anything in the passbolt log?

For the extension we can seek more information in the extension console log:

On Chrome:

New tab > go to chrome://extensions > look for passbolt card > details > inspect views section > click index.html > copy errors under console tab

Hi @kavengagne !

To clarify a bit the situation, I could reproduce your issue when the domain of my local server changed. Is it the case for you as well?

If it’s the case normally with the next version of the browser extension (v4.0.0) it should be fixed.
The extension for Google Chrome is already available in a BETA version btw. If you want to take a look how to use it if you wish you can find a quick procedure here:

Hey @garrett and @Steph,

Thank you for your quick answers.

The domain should be the exact same, but I will test again to confirm this.
I will also look and provide the logs for the extension, if any.

Be back soon with the requested information!


Seems like we are unable to reproduce the issue with the current version of passbolt and the extension.
It might have been caused when we changed the domain name at some point.

Thank you for your help!