Passbolt version in docker

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I have updated Passbolt in Docker from 3.5.0 to 3.6.0 as following:

docker-compose down

docker image ls

then deleted the old images.

docker rmi image_passbolt

docker rmi image_databae

docker-compose up -d

the problem is that it shows the version 3.6.0 not 3.6.2 as latest version of Passbolt New morning

docker exec -it 3983888f1289 bash

cat /etc/passbolt/version.php

<?php return [ 'passbolt' => [ 'version' => '3.6.0', 'name' => 'New morning' ] ]; Can One update to the latest version 3.6.2 in docker mentioned that docker-compose.yml has the following: passbolt: image: passbolt/passbolt:latest-pro

Hi @Ahmad,

3.6.2 is currently the latest version of our browser extension, and a 3.6.3 is coming :slight_smile: There is no 3.6.2 version on the passbolt server side. The latest one is 3.6.0-1.

To check which version are available, you can go to this link: Docker Hub

It is better to put the passbolt in the tag name, you should replace passbolt/passbolt:latest-pro with passbolt/passbolt:3.6.0-1-pro

If we publish in the future a 3.6.0-2-pro or a 3.7.0-1-pro, you will just have to update the tag name.

Don’t hesitate if you have further questions.

Best regards,