Bad Checksum issues

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Hello Passbolt Team,

Now i’m making a new backup server but i’m in trouble at the 3 step

Étape 3. Assurez-vous que le script est valide et exécutez-le :

sha512sum -c passbolt-ce-SHA512SUM.txt && sudo bash ./  || echo \"Bad checksum. Aborting\" && rm -f

When i put this command on the console something happen and i don’t have the answer to that ='(

Don’t know why the problem can be related to the source.list ?

Btw the step 1 and 2 work

Anyone have the same issues ? and a answer to this issue ?

Thanks you =D

Seems like a locale issue? Can you run

locale -a

That return this

You have the answer in the output :slightly_smiling_face:

The script checks if the server has ipv6 support with the sysctl command but it seems this command is missing on your Linux instance: