Deep trouble credentials lost

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Guys I am in it bad. I really really really need help. So essentially I setup up passbolt using docker compose. All was fine and well and I have been storing passwords in there epic. HOWEVER I uninstalled my extension and it screwed the whole thing. I created a new user via cli and got in with the hopes of setting up SMTP so that I can get the verification emails, but in doing so I am able to get test emails not verification emails. I have been sluething the tutorials and troubleshooting forums for hours on end and nothing so far works I am so lost. I also cant figure out how to get into the DB and get a token so that I can recover the account without having to use the email. Any insight would be much appreciated, at this point im close to giving up.

Here is my health check

Also to add to it, previous attempts screwed it so bad that I just redeployed from a snapshot, thank god I took one earlier

Hello @Takumi welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

We do have a workaround for this scenario, you can take a look at this post :wink:

How can I log into the database?

Cant seem to get mysql client going over ssh and I dont have remote sql setup, any input would be appreciated.

Also any thoughts on how to fix smtp for the future?

Annnnd im getting access denied using the user and password i set in the yaml :confused:

Can you confirm that’s what you did?

docker exec -ti <YOUR_DB_CONTAINER> bash
mysql -u <YOUR_DB_USERNAME> -p

that is exactly what I did

but looking into the etc passwd there is no admin which is what I dropped in the yaml hmmmm. Also trying to auth with root drops the same error

followed termin and updated passbolt.php and no good. trying to send test email returns an error, and it looks like it is still trying to forward over 25 even though I am doing 587 and going to remote server

can you run a docker ps and make absolutely certain you are on the db container?

Additionally are you 100% sure the username and password you are using are the ones from your docker-compose file?

If you are on the correct container with the correct credentials there shouldn’t a be a permission denied

Also updating passbolt.php for smtp won’t work after the initial set up as that has been migrated to the database so the web UI is the only way to edit it

10000% certian to credentials in yaml and the correct container

I have no idea how but I have somehow run into the greatest problem child of all time nothing works at all

Alright, that seems weird as your healthcheck above doesn’t list any issues connecting to your db so the credentials in the docker-compose are correct(or at least the env vars are from the last time you spun up the containers)

Your healtcheck also points to env vars being how your smtp is configured so you could make changes to your docker compose file, and then bring it down and back up to make changes.

One potential issue with that though is it might not fully solve your email issue as I see that you have some emails disabled in the healthcheck and it is important to have access to your db. Could you try with the root user instead of admin?

I think this lacks -h db to be able to target the db container. Like:

mysql -h db -u username -p

Hi, @Takumi

Just to be clear, uninstalling the extension doesn’t actually cause problems. If you had a clean healthcheck before you started storing credentials in passbolt, uninstalling the extension would not change the healthcheck at all.

What is the reason you don’t reinstall the extension with your first user?