Unable to install manual SSL

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Hello everyone,
New to the community and have a new install. Maybe I’m overlooking it but I don’t see anybody else having the issue I am, which probably means I’m doing something painfully obviously wrong. Going through the (virtual) CentOS 7 install. Getting to the SSL portion and selecting manual. There I am unable to type anything to get it to move forward. I’ve tried a number of times to type the path to the SSL but I must be typing it in wrong. The cert is in root. I also put it in a sub folder to see if that would help but it did not. I could attach the install logs as well if that would be of any assistance.

What am I missing?

Hi @berry

Are you positive the path where your certificates are stored on the machine is /root/cert/passbolt.pfx ?

1000% positive. I placed it in two locations thinking maybe it would help if it were just in root. It is in root and root/cert/


Is there another way I’m supposed to type in that path?


I’ll check tomorrow first thing to reproduce your issue and address the bug or give you more information!

Hey there!
Sadly I’m not able to reproduce your issue.
Looking at your post horizontally instead diagonally :sweat_smile: I see on your screenshot you are providing always a wrong path. You use /root/passbolt.pfx when it should be /root/Passbolt.pfx which I think is the main problem (keep in mind that Linux is case sensitive OS).

One more thing is that I suggest you to split your certificate in public cert and key as the install script will ask for them separately.

Hope this helps!

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