How to clear an installation to restart the wizard

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sorry if I’m opening a new topic but I wasn’t able to find clear information on the matter (could be my fault).

I have installed passbolt on Debian 10 following the installation instructions in the docs: I hadn’t an ssl certificate or a domain name for my host and it was in a private network so at first I installed it in http and with an ip address.
later I got a domain name and a valid ssl certificate, so I configured the virtual host and ssl on nginx and edited accordingly /var/www/passbolt/config/passbolt.php.
now it seems I cannot login into my account anymore: I tried reinstalling the browser plugin to point at the domain name but it doesn’t seem to recognize my serverkey_private.asc file anymore.
as I had added only a few test entries (because of the http) I would like to start from scratch, clearing the database and eventual configuration files/gpg keys but I would like to have a confirmation on what precisely has to be cleared to be able to restart from the configuration wizard…
thanks in advance for your help!


Hello @ponce,

If the domain name changed (because of protocol change), you can follow the recovery process to link your account to the new domain. You can go to and follow the process, it should work without having to reinstall.

However if you want to restart the wizard you need to:

  • Delete the file located in your passbolt directory: config/passbolt.php
  • Make sure config directory is writable
  • Delete or create a new database instance
  • You can also delete the keys from the keyring (optional)

That should be able to trigger the installation wizard.

thanks remy!

I have done like you noted, and I had to clear also the private and public keys from the passbolt/config/gpg/ (I left alone /home/www-data/.gpg) or the checks made as a first step from the wizard failed.
for some reason regenerating a new server key failed (date seem to be ok on both client and server) but I imported the old serverkey_private.asc so all was dandy: also, I haven’t got a similar problem when generating a gpg key for the admin user.

thanks again for your help!


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