[Resolv] Can't decrypt new password after upgrade

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Server : Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS
web server : Apache / Php 7.3.28
Running passbolt : 3.1.0
database : mariadb Server version: 10.0.38

I ran an upgrade of my CE passbolt version 2.1 to 3.1, I upgraded version by version till last one.
After this upgrade, I’m able to decrypt old password but not new one created since update.

In gui I have this error : Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred
In log, I have :
2021-05-31 13:15:48 Error: [TypeError] json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, null given (/var/www/passbolt/src/Model/Table/ResourceTypesTable.php:185)
Request URL: /resources/556dcb8f-0ff8-4cc6-9eac-7b7539e996cc.json?api-version=v2&contain%5Bsecret%5D=1&contain%5Bresource-type%5D=1

What can I do ?



Can you try to run in your passbolt directory (/var/www/passbolt or /usr/share/php/passbolt/ if you are using the package):

sudo -H -u www-data bash -c "./bin/cake cache clear_all"
sudo -H -u www-data bash -c "./bin/cake passbolt cleanup"

Make sure you logout and try again. If this doesn’t solve it, there might be an issue with the resource types table content (like maybe the migrations didn’t run correctly?).

root@passbolt:/var/www/passbolt# sudo -H -u www-data bash -c “./bin/cake cache clear_all”
PHP Warning: Module ‘gnupg’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0
Cleared default cache
Cleared cake_core cache
Cleared cake_model cache
root@passbolt:/var/www/passbolt# sudo -H -u www-data bash -c “./bin/cake passbolt cleanup”
PHP Warning: Module ‘gnupg’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0

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/ // / __ `/ / / __ / __ / / _/
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/ _

Open source password manager for teams

Cleanup shell (fix mode)

3 issues fixed in table GroupsUsers (hard deleted groups)
2 issues fixed in table Comments (soft deleted resources)
34 issues fixed in table Permissions (soft deleted resources)
1 issues fixed in table Secrets (soft deleted users)
35 issues fixed in table Secrets (soft deleted resources)
6 issues fixed in table Resources (missing resourcetype id)
81 issues fixed!

Works find now, thanks