SMTP not working Rocky Linux

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Hey guys I know I had a thread going yesterday but here is a new one. So yesterday I tried passbolt on docker, and bare Debian 11. In both cases I was completely unable to send SMTP. Test emails work great but as far as verifying people it is no good. Today I booted it up in rocky linux, honestly the smoothest installation yet and I am a big fan of RHEL so this was right up my alley. However I have the same damn issue with SMTP. I have gone through just about everything at this point, any basic troubleshooting has been completed. The only thing that I can imagine is that when sending via test email it is accepting your inputs and making that smtp query therefore it works flawlessly, however whenever it is saved it has got to be stored somewhere incorrectly or inaccessible. This seems to be a frequent issue amongst others as well so what gives? Any input would be greatly appreciated, could I even go as far as to disable SMTP verification? Would it be an option to be solely reliant on Pass + TOTP?

test emails work great, but again nothing else

also PS: I am blocked from replying :frowning:

Just to be clear, you are actually getting the email in your inbox right?

Yes for test emails, no for everything else. The above image is just the email test. The other ones appear dont even send.

Since you didn’t mention this page, what about Passbolt Help | Why are my emails not being sent?

It may be hard to believe but email issues are predominantly about settings, and then the rest are about simple things. Rarely is passbolt not able to do email.

If the manual test works, that’s great news. There is a cron job which runs the queued mail each minute. Nothing else to it, really.

So I have gone through this,

test emails work

notifications are all enabled

cron service is running

No error messages

cache clear no fix

Can you post the cron job contents?

Also, can you check the db to see the results of the queue?

mysql command line:
select email, subject, error, created, sent from email_queue;

Interesting so they are showing as

EMAIL Subject Error Weclome to passbolt, example! SMTP Error: 550 5.7.1 Mail contain spam content

Remind us again of which mail provider you are using or are you running your own server?

I am using Titan on TLS 587, not running my own mail server

A proper mail server will send to spam in the following scenarios:

  1. the domain from which it is sent it not publicly verifiable, or is coming from an ip address which is not publicly documented as approved for sending
  2. The content raises spam flags

For number 1, this is where dkim and spf dns settings come into play - both are mentioned in links below.

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It doesnt make sense just trying to figure out what is different. I cant even send a verify to the email that it is coming from, yet the test emails work great. So what would be the difference here that is leading to the verify to be labeled as spam? The links by chance? Also in this case it is showing in the db as sent 0. It isnt even making it to spam, it is not sending at all. Additionally I already have dkim and spf configured.

The way it works is that the mail server rejects it and it comes back as undeliverable. The zero is reflecting this due to the error.

When you send the test email, where does it say it is coming from when you receive it?

From the email that I put in the SMTP settings, goes straight to inbox and works when sent to just about anywhere.

What I am asking is: the email in your inbox - who does it say it is from?

From the Name that I told it to come from when configuring it?

When you use passbolt to send an email via your Titan mail account, it then turns and sends it to the receiving mail service. If the receiving mail service is saying 550, then passbolt gets a 550.

The test email goes to no-reply@passbolt as a way to verify your SMTP settings without complicating the matter. However, in practice the end receiver of emails may be stricter.

If you are not able to send a verification email to your account at Titan, what is the result of the test command when you do that?

See this discussion for how the test email (at least in the past) was different than actual emails. This is the intent of my questions.

The good news is that the issues are all resolvable. But it’s important to understand that the passbolt app has no control (obviously) over external mail provider settings or requirements.

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Here is an example of my test emails getting through great no problem. Functions sending to Titan, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and ZOHO. 0 problems. but verification or new user emails all return 550 no matter what.

I believe you. Can you provide actual logs or something more specific? It’s a technical matter.

Please check /var/log/mail.log or other system logs for additional errors we can work with.

Can you also provide your passbolt mail config settings (change what you need, but make it meaningful enough so we understand it). You may have provided it before, but that was another thread, thanks.

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I dont have that file that you mentioned, do you know where else I could get more detailed error logs?

Taking a stab at possible files…


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