Healthcheck: App.fullBaseUrl is not set to HTTPS

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After upgrading to Passbolt 3.01, Ubuntu 20.04 and PHP 7.4, I am getting a single healthcheck error:

[FAIL] App.fullBaseUrl is not set to HTTPS.
[HELP] Check App.fullBaseUrl url scheme in config/passbolt.php.

The site is running in HTTPS under NGINX.

/etc/passbolt/passbolt.php says:

return [
‘App’ => [
// A base URL to use for absolute links.
// The url where the passbolt instance will be reachable to your end users.
// This information is need to render images in emails for example
‘fullBaseUrl’ => ‘https://passbolttest.[mydomain].com’,

Any ideas why Healthcheck is upset with me? I’ve also tried capital “HTTPS” in the fullBaseURL with no luck.

Thanks for your help!

I have exactly the same problem on Docker edition.

Thank you for the report. A ticket has been created on github, and a fix will be pushed with the next release

Awesome. I edited /usr/share/php/passbolt/src/Utility/Healthchecks.php manually to reflect that change, and it now my healthcheck correctly reports that all is well.