Problem with connection database mariadb

I’m trying to install Passbolt on my company’s server and I already have the installation web page in my IP, but when I tried to do the database configuration but at all attempts I get the error:“A connection could not be established with the credentials provided. Please verify the settings.”.
We already put in every field “passbolt” and because of that we think that should not be the problem, however can be a problem in mySQL/MariaDB? Another question that we have is if the host field is the IP of the server or is suppose to put another thing in that field?
Can you help us?
Check the photo.! passbolt|587x500
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Hi @Carolina,
Could you tell me what tutorial you followed for the installation?
Usually, if the database is on the same server, the value of the host field should be localhost or

Hi @kevin thanks for help.

I follow this video:

I also tried locahost and 1270.0.1 and did not give. I dont know why.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to help you with so less information.
I would suggest that you try the procedure again from scratch and see if it it goes through. Also, maybe you could record a video of the installation so that we can see what’s going wrong.
Good luck

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