Trying to configure Passbolt , database configuration

hi ,
I just installed passbolt on debian 11 for testing, everything is going as it should.
when I go to the configuration page at the maria db connection step impossible

in the logs
May 5 09:11:01 passbolt-test mariadbd[35338]: 2022-05-05 9:11:01 1022 [Warning] Access denied for user ‘’@‘localhost’
in the log the user is not visible ‘’@‘localhost’
on the server connection to the base with the user and password ok. Impossible from the outside, test from another server idem.
do you have an idea?

Hi @cedric1 and welcome to passbolt community forum.

Is your database located on the same server than passbolt ? If yes, can you confirm you can connect to database with this command (you will be prompted for your password):

mysql -u passboltadmin -p passboltdb -h

I see you have hidden your database host server address in your screenshot:

By default, with mysql on the same server than passbolt, you cannot connect with your server IP or hostname, you must use localhost or

If you are using a hostname or an ip like, you must try to connect with this hostname or IP, aka:

mysql -u passboltadmin -p passboltdb -h


Hi _jc , thx for your help , yes my database is on the same server.
if I enter in the interface it works. I did not think that to inform its ip of the network and not the loopback would pose problem.
on the serveur it is ok but with other server connection refused
[cbarrere.pcp-cbarrere] ➤ mysql -u passboltadmin -p passboltdb -h
Enter password:
ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (111 “Connection refused”)
thx for your help , I will continue to finish the configuration and do my validation tests in relation to our needs.

mysql -u passboltadmin -p passboltdb -h don’t work
[cbarrere.pcp-cbarrere] ➤ mysql -u passboltadmin -p passboltdb -h
Enter password:
ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (111 “Connection refused”)


By default, mysql connection is restricted to localhost, you can check this by connecting to the mysql database and execute this request:

MariaDB [mysql]> SELECT host, User FROM user;
| Host      | User        |
| localhost | mariadb.sys |
| localhost | mysql       |
| localhost | passbolt    |
| localhost | root        |
4 rows in set (0.001 sec)

If passbolt is on the same server, there is no reason to allow mysql connection to the IP address of your server. If you want do do this, you will have to execute a request like this one:

CREATE USER 'your-user'@'your-ip' IDENTIFIED BY 'your-password';


thx for information , you right it is not good to allow mysql connection from other server