(Sometimes) No connection to non local db server

Hi there community o/

first things first: passbolt is an amazing application.
It’s secure, fast and works out of the box with all of our devices.

BUT :wink:

I’ve moved the mysqldb to my mariadb server 11.2 by export/import sql file from local to new server. Edited the passbolt.conf with new db data
Added the same user with same pw and privileges and so on.
Mariadb-client and server have the same repo on poth machines.
Passbolt is installed in a lxc with debian 11, apache2 and php8.2 atm.
php8.3nwas installed while installing passbolt and i downgraded it
just for testing.

The issue is:
From time to time passbolt can’t access the db server. There is just an error on the webserver that some kind of key can’t accessed.

When i restart the webserver the error is still there. Only a reboot of the passbolt lxc fixes the problem for some hours.

What i’ve checked:
passbolt.log, mysql,logs, apache2.logs, auth.log,
backup time of the lxc (sometimes a server crashes while a snapshot)

What i’ve found:
Nothing special. Only error with “no connection to db”. No reasons. No failed login or banned ip address.

There is no special time or duration how long the passbolt (mariadb-client, php-mysql) can successfully connect to the db server.
Some times for hours, half a day or just minutes.
For causing the issue fail2ban and firewall are disabled atm.
Is there some other kind of blocking possible without these?

Please help :pray:

Kind regards

Hello Michael, are you using Docker installation?

Hi Termindiego25


It’s installed from repository in a debian 11 LXC provided by a proxmox host.

The mariadb-server runs on the same host in its own LXC (ubuntu 22.04) since years.

Hi guys,

I didn’t fix the error straight away, but it no longer appears.

I have completely revised my network structure in Proxmox.
Until recently, I didn’t know that I could create a virtual network card that doesn’t have a real NIC as a bridge device.
Now all internal services like database listen on vmbr1 ( and all external services like web server listen on vmbr0 (

Since then there have been no more communication problems.

As I said. Unfortunately there is no concrete solution to the problem but perhaps an approach under the same conditions.