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I’m facing a problem when trying to access Passbolt API via CLI when using the Docker version. I’m able to create my admin user, but when I try to use it in the CLI, it doesn’t let me login.
The command I’m trying to issue is:

passbolt auth login -p "my-user-pw"

And the error that I receive is:

gpg: F2BF207A8804158A751CA53E6D9DB718DB2BA65D: skipped: No public key
gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: No public key

My config.json file looks like this:

  "domain" : {
    "baseUrl": "https://<base-url>",
    "publicKey" : {
      "fingerprint" : "F2BF207A8804158A751CA53E6D9DB718DB2BA65D"
  "user" : {
    "firstname": "myname",
    "lastname" : "mylastname",
    "email" : "myemail",
    "privateKey" : {
      "fingerprint": "5685ADF16E71C5C2C44E1B8550985A516CB6959A"
  "mfa": {
    "providers": ["yubikey","totp"]
  "agentOptions": {
    "rejectUnauthorized": false
  "gpg" : {
    "trust": "always"

I tried it both locally and in a kubernetes cluster, but the error is the same.

Btw, I’m using latest image, and the web ui works flawless (as far as I can tell)

This means that the server public key is not in your keyring.
You can see it in https://<base-url>/auth/verify.json

Yep! I exported both the server and the user keys from the docker image to the machine executing the cli and it works!

So just for anyone else running this setup: you have to export keys from the server to the machine running the cli, I guess most setups run both the api and the cli in the same machine, so this is not mentioned anywhere.

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