Passbolt 2.5.0 install on Debian 9.6 stuck on step 7

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I installed PassBolt CE 2.5.0 like shown in the tut.
When calling the Webinterface everything is green.
Starting the Installation wizard is no problem but at Step 7, when the installer is configurating the Installation its giong forever.

What I do not understand:
if everything is green I also expect the Installation to work without issues, if this is not the case, then your pre-check is not complete, so pls also implement checks for this issue so we can fix this befor we try to install.

System Info:
Debian 9.6
nginX + APache
Plesk 17.8.11
PHP 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 (tested at all)

It looks like we have similar issues. Did you notice any errors during the installation script?

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Do you see something in the logs/error.log file ?

This issue is probably related to the gpg server key generation and it happens on some environments.
The workaround is to install passbolt following the from source installation documentation.

We will tackle this issue in January.