Entropy on VMware VM

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I’m about to setup a VM for passbolt. The host OS is vmware 6, guest OS is Ubuntu 20.04. Considering the warning about entropy and VM in the install documentation, is there a way to make sure the entropy generator is good enough on this specific machine ?
cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail
returns : 2335, is that ok ? Is it even relevant ?


Yes entropy is relevant :). Pseudo random number generators (PRNG) need it, and they are the baseline for crypto. It is generally low on virtualized environment. 2335 is good enough entropy, you should worry about it when it’s bellow 1000.

Good to know. Thanks !
Does that mean that the usual statement “entropy is crap on VM” is outdated ?

No it’s still crap :slight_smile:

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