After upgrade passbolt to 4.1.2-1, it show me the white page after login

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Hello team, I have an issue when upgrading our passbolt to 4.1.2-1. After login it show me the blank page. I have follow the documentation about backup and installasion. Our passbolt deployed on Docker.


Hello @moyuba , welcome to our community :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a question, did you updated to v4.1.2 from v2.X ?

Hello @antony ,

Yeps, I upgrade from v2.x to v4.1.2. Any Issue about this?

Which PHP version are you using?

hello @Termindiego25 ,

PHP version 8.2.7

But my collague can access it, and i think it just happen to my account.

Hello, any solution for this?

If your colleague can access it but you can’t I would try clearing your cache and cookies on your browser since it seems like an issue there and not with your passbolt installation