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I had lost the login details for our Ubuntu Linux Passbolt server. I booted in recovery mode to reset the password and then rebooted the server once complete. Now, upon login to the server, I can see that there is no Passbolt directory at either /var/www/passbolt or /usr/php/passbolt. I am not sure what has happened here and am hoping to please get some assistance.

We had been using self-hosted Passbolt without a hitch for 12 months or so. I exported my passwords from Passbolt before doing any of this, so if it comes to it, I can just rebuild the entire server. Although, this should only be a last resort as some of our other users would lose their data.

Thanks in advance.

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I have now found some files under /etc/passbolt. Although, I still cannot run a health check. Currently, our site at is getting an error and the vm host IP address points to the default NGINX site.

Please let me know if there is any more information I can gather to help with this case. Thanks.

Hi @thomasb123,

  1. Can you explain how you installed passbolt? Did you use the package or install from source?
  2. Can you show us which command you ran while in recovery mode?
  3. Can you show your nginx configuration file?
  4. Can you connect to the server database? Do you see your passbolt DB there?
  5. Can you list the files in /usr/share/php/passbolt ?
  6. Can you list the files in /etc/passbolt ?


Thanks for your reply. Your time is much appreciated.

  1. I followed the directions here Passbolt Help | Install Passbolt CE on Ubuntu 20.04. Script setup.

  2. I used the command "passwd ". This just reset the password as far as I know.

  3. See here.

  4. Cannot connect to the database. Getting an error now when trying to start MySQL service.

  5. bin, index.php, plugins, resources, src, templates, vendor, webroot

  6. app.default.php, app.php, boostrap_cli.php, boostrap.php, boostrap_plugins.pgp, default.php, file_storage.php, gpg, jwt, Migrations, nginx-ssl.conf, passbolt.default.php, passbolt.php, paths.php, requirements.php, routes.php, schema, Seeds, version.php

Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide to assist with this. Thanks again.

Hi @thomasb123

I think it is your issue. Can you post here the error message you get while trying to start MySQL service ?

What is the output of these commands:

  • sudo systemctl restart mysql
  • sudo systemctl status mysql
  • sudo journalctl -fu mysql

Thanks !

Hi @_jc ,

I have now resolved this issue. For some reason the log folder lost permissions. I just had to run:
sudo chown mysql:mysql -R /var/log/mysql


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Cool :+1: Iā€™m glad to read you were able to fix your issue :sunglasses: