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hello everyone,
I m meeting a problem with my on-premise passbolt server that I created for the company that I m working for. The problem is that when I try to get into the log in page, it s redirecting me on the recovery account page. But I know that there is a way to fix it to get into the real authentication page. The problem here is that every users will need to use their private key to recover their account, whereas I want that they just have to put their password and then they can get into their passbolt account.
Thanks in advance,

Hello Mehdi, welcome to the forum!
The browser used to log in is the same one where you created your account on the same computer?

Thank you for your quick response.
Yeah, the thing is that I tried a multiple times with multiple browsers, and it s redirecting me to the same page everytime. The only way I can get into the log in page I want is that I recover my account, and then once I m connected, I log out and there, it registered my account so it s telling me to enter my password and that s it .
Let me know if you need the 2 screenshots of the different log in page I m talking about :wink:

Hello, what you describe is the normal flow for Passbolt.
The password is only stored on your browser and could be different in every browser or computer you use to log in to your Passbolt account.
This is why you can’t log in to a new location. Passbolt extension needs the private key to decrypt your passwords and you have to provide it. It is also a security method to confirm that you are the only one who has access to your account.

You can read more about the Authentication that Passbolt uses here. You will note that is not a form-based login as usual and maybe this can help you to understand why you need your private key the first time:


And also this Passbolt Help | Why do I need a browser extension?

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