Backup Passbolt on Debian

I am trying to do Backup DB, keys to a folder - ideally i need to keep a recurring backup, so a new folder everyday or if there is a backup utility that automates this, and removed anything older than say 7 says
Then do A cron job to copy the files to the azure blob
I am still new in Debian, could someone help me how I can that ? As command lines also I can’t backup the GPG keys, what is the command to do it?


Hi @saeed :wave:

You will find backup documentation here: Passbolt Help | Backup


thank you @_jc ,

i already read it before but i faced problem that how i can backup the GPG keys and how i can Auto backup maria DB and delete the backup after days.

i can do the normal back up but the Auto one,

i am happy that Passbolt working on our origination and its online now, but the backup still not, so i need help :slight_smile: